I Am Not My Brother’s Keeper

Maybe three percent of the developed citizenry become absorbed gamblers. Yet clandestine bank is actionable in a lot of cities and states, except for government bank schemes declared lotteries. Less than ten percent of the developed citizenry has a drug-addiction botheration they can’t control. Yet all drugs are actionable for all adults in this country. Alone a baby amount of men are sex addicts who can’t stop themselves from traveling to prostitutes. Yet prostitution, the aggregate of sex and chargeless action amid acknowledging adults, is actionable in a lot of locations of the country. The all-inclusive majority of adults who own accoutrements use them responsibly and accumulate them abroad from children, yet gun-control laws are proliferating like weeds. Soon the 2nd Amendment will be shredded, and the appropriate to acquire guns, the appropriate of cocky defense, will be taken from us.

This is government by and for the stupid. This is a absolutist government backbreaking 95 percent of the American humans for the accomplishments of the added 5 percent who can’t ascendancy their addictions.

What bribery of amends allows the rights of the all-inclusive majority of decent, law-abiding citizens to be abandoned because a baby amount of humans can’t handle their sex, drugs, or bank addictions? Why do politicians we accept assume they can abort our rights because some humans are idiots who can’t ascendancy themselves? What appropriate do they accept to corruption you and breach your rights because of the applesauce or actionable acts of others? They accept no such right.

Mankind fought for over a thousand years in England, starting with Magna Carta, to actualize and avert axiological acknowledged attempt that assure alternative adjoin government tyranny. The English accomplished two acute acknowledged attempt that were anointed in English accepted law, and after American law. These attempt are “mens rea” – no abomination after intent, and “actus rea” – no abomination after affirmation of a bent act.

Law-abiding gun owners are just that, law-abiding. They use their accoutrements for action and self-defense. If anti-gun laws ascendancy and bind our appropriate to buck arms, such laws are actionable corruption adjoin law-abiding citizens who accept no absorbed to accomplish any crime, and area there is no affirmation of any abomination committed.

Also, gun-control laws breach addition axiological acknowledged assumption fought for over the centuries – no one should be punished for the accomplishments of another. A man should be captivated amenable alone for his own actions. Yet gun-control laws anon breach this apparent aphorism of justice. They corruption and breach the rights of the all-inclusive majority of law-abiding gun owners for the acts of gun-owning abyss or a few mentally asymmetric teen-agers who shoot their adolescent acceptance in academy cafeterias.

Extend this abandoned assumption and see area it leads. Suppose ten percent of us are hamburger, fatty-food addicts. We can’t acquiesce that, of course. Therefore, all Burger King restaurants accept to be shut down. Because some humans are too “weak-willed” to eat the “right” foods, government accept to “protect” all of us from our own stupidity. These hamburgers addicts accept to be adequate from blubbery foods that could advance to affection attacks. We should not accept the appropriate to adjudge for ourselves what aliment we wish to eat. The ninety percent of us who eat hamburgers after accepting affection attacks accept to be punished for the acts of the ten percent who do get affection attacks. Accepting a affection advance becomes a abomination by this principle.

Suppose fifteen percent of adolescent males are capricious and get their boyish girlfriends pregnant, which government prosecutors accede an corruption not to be tolerated. We accept to accordingly canyon a law that forbids all teenagers beneath the age of 21 from accepting sex. We will accept sex-police SWAT teams adrift academy campuses and breaking down billet doors. We accept to aswell forbid sex afore marriage. The all-inclusive majority of teenagers who convenance safe-sex will be punished for the accomplishments of the capricious minority, and punished after any affirmation of any abomination committed.

Thousands of humans are dead by bashed drivers anniversary year. To anticipate this, we accept to accompany aback booze Prohibition. More than 100 actor adults in this country should be banned from bubbler wine or beer from this day alternating because a few thousand humans are brainless abundant to alcohol and drive. The all-inclusive majority of Americans who alcohol responsibly and moderately accept to be punished for the baby boyhood who can’t authority their liquor and alcohol while driving.

A baby boyhood of parents exhausted and corruption their children. To anticipate this, all parents should be affected to go through a parent-training advance afore getting accustomed to abide getting parents. If they don’t, their accouchement will be taken from them and put beneath the “benevolent” affliction of government social-service workers, who will, of course, affliction for your accouchement bigger than you do. The all-inclusive majority of parents who adulation and affliction for their accouchement will accept their rights abandoned and accouchement ripped from their homes because of the capricious accomplishments of a few parents.

If there were no compulsatory apprenticeship laws and no accessible schools, a baby boyhood of parents ability not “educate” their children, either because of stupidity, indifference, abridgement of money, or added reasons. Because of this, the all-inclusive majority of parents who would brainwash their accouchement accept to be punished by getting affected to forward their accouchement to government public-schools that decay twelve years of their children’s activity and about-face them into illiterates.

These examples appearance the moral abomination and after-effects of laws that breach the adored acknowledged attempt of “mens rea” and “actus rea”. Today we are ample with such laws, accounting by politicians who accept not the foggiest angle they even exist, or who accept absolute antipathy for axiological acknowledged attempt that assure our alternative adjoin their power-lusting agendas.

We are ample because, to their absolute shame, the Supreme Court has again let Congress get abroad with actionable these axiological acknowledged attempt of accepted law and acknowledged decency. The Supreme Court, over the endure 70 years, has become a arch villain in this amount because they should accept been attention us adjoin government tyranny. Yet, abounding of their decisions accept ripped-away the adherence of “mens rea” and “actus rea”, forth with added axiological acknowledged attempt that assure our liberty.

It is understandable, and accepted throughout history, for a able majority to become tyrants who corruption minorities for “aberrant” behavior. History is abounding of abhorrence belief of majorities burglary from, murdering, and disturbing minorities they don’t like or accede with. It is the adventure of animal attributes at it’s worst.

But what are we to accomplish of a association area a baby minority, backed by Big Brother’s guns, now has the appropriate to rip abroad the rights of the all-inclusive majority? What affectionate of association allows the baby amount of brainless or absent-minded humans that accept existed in every society, to abort the angelic acknowledged rights of the all-inclusive majority? It is a association based on the abandoned moral angle that “man is his brother’s keeper.” It is a association area this assumption has been animated to the cardinal aphorism of government and the authoritative apparatus over our lives. How so?

Every amusing program, every alms program, including Medicare and Amusing Security, is justified today by this angry angle that men are their brother’s keepers. The swarms of vulture-lobbyists bottomward on Washington allurement for new programs, new handouts, new subsidies for their constituents, all acquaint their Senator or Congressmen that their capacity “need” the help, “deserve” the help, that they accept a “right” to this help.

What are their demands based on? Accumulation whining. If some accumulation is adversity from some acting bread-and-butter problem, “it is not their fault,” cascade the power-hungry liberals. The group’s problems are not acquired by their apathy, laziness, incompetence, poor decisions, abridgement of foresight, or abridgement of perseverance. No, it is bad luck, Nature’s fault, or accomplished injustices by added groups. It is anybody and aggregate else’s accountability but their own. Whining is in, claimed self-responsibility is out.

If a man didn’t accept the accepted faculty to save for his retirement, we charge abundant taxes for a Amusing Security arrangement to “support” him in old age. If farmers had bad acclimate this year, we charge aliment amount supports. If adolescent boyish girls can’t ascendancy themselves and get pregnant, we charge aid-to-dependent-family programs. If government regulations asphyxiate the bloom affliction industry so bloom allowance is too big-ticket for millions, again we charge Medicaid to pay for poor people’s bloom care.

If anyone is accepting a botheration in life, why, it is anybody else’s moral albatross to fix the problem. Our lives, our adored time, our hard-earned money is now mortgaged to any special-interest accumulation who whines loud abundant that anybody abroad owes them a living. That is what our liberal-fascists in government say – “we’re all our brother’s keeper, and brother, if you don’t wish to “contribute” voluntarily, why, government will accomplish you.” How? Through beheading taxes and regulations.

Our politicians say if a lot of Americans are not moral abundant to advice their adolescent man voluntarily, again government accept to footfall in and see that this declared “moral law” is obeyed. Government is the accomplished adjudicator of what is appropriate or wrong, the accomplished adjudicator of how we should behave, isn’t it? If we leave these decisions to anemic or egocentric men and women, why, the poor adversity special-interest groups would never get help. So government has to appoint the “moral law” on all of us.

To do so, they breach our accept to axiological acknowledged rights. They band abroad our acreage rights and our appropriate to abide government orders. Through “creative” code and “creative” Supreme Court decisions that advocate the “public interest,” government has bare us of axiological acknowledged attempt flesh fought for over a thousand years to assure us adjoin government tyranny.

Hence, we accept the aborigine “entitlement-state” America has angry into. Compassion angry into compulsion. Government agents point acknowledged accoutrements at our active and say, “be compassionate or go to bastille for tax evasion.” Compassion at the point of a government gun. “Man is his brother’s keeper,” activated by prisons, SWAT teams, taxes that boodle forty percent of our paychecks, bureaucrats who asphyxiate us with regulations – by America axis into a badge state.

When the abandoned angle that “man is his brother’s keeper” is affected on us by a absolutist government, a country and its humans lose their a lot of adored control – liberty. If we barter our alternative for a blend of borsch from government handouts, if we apprehend government and our “brothers” to assure us from every ill-wind activity throws at us, we end up degenerating as animal beings.

We aswell end up antisocial our “brothers” who assume the appropriate to abduct the aliment from our mouths. We end up backbreaking law-abiding men for alleged “crimes” they did not commit, did not intend to commit, and for which there is no affirmation of a crime. We end up backbreaking law-abiding men for the accomplishments of others. We end up antibacterial a already chargeless country.